Friday, December 31, 2010

Gone is 2010

This year was such a complicated year for me. A lot has happened, a lot has changed, yet everything is the same. I'm not quite sure I like that! I'm hoping that 2011 will be better. I want to grow more confident, and even if I don't, I want to better face my fears. I want to give myself less excuses for things and I want to love myself better.

I feel like 2010 was a year of friendship. I've met new people and I've also had to say goodbye to some. I never liked having to do that, but I can only hope the people that leave the best in life and that even if we're not friends anymore, I'll keep them in my prayers. No matter how terrible the break up is. Haha. I've never been able to hate someone...and sometimes I wish that I could. But at this moment, I want to be able to rely on myself more and not feel so disheartened and hurt every time someone leaves me. I want to focus more on my goals and less on people who may or may not care about me at all. I want to be less bitter. More optimistic. More hopeful and well. A lot more of everything.

And at 6:04 pm of 12/31/2010, I feel like I CAN do this. I've got friends that I know I can trust...and even then. I feel like maybe I can start trusting myself. I know that 2011 wont make everything alright, and that it wont change everything, but I'll treasure this moment of calm realization and hopefully carry it on through on out the new year.

2011, the year of the rabbit! IT'S GONNA BE MY YEAR.

Happy New Years everyone. Cheers to the future us as we put our past year to rest.

P.S. A convo with momos...

Momos Frühling says (5:23 AM)
Momos Frühling says (5:24 AM)
i dont want to orz all the time just to talk to you so its better to keep your head on your shoulders 'w'
your bum is fine where it is
and im sure so is your flowerbalcony 'w';

Marimo Buns says (5:25 AM)
my flowerbalcony?
are you
referring to my boobs?

Momos Frühling says (5:25 AM)

Marimo Buns says (5:25 AM)
because that's the first time i heard of it like that

Momos Frühling says (5:25 AM)

Marimo Buns says (5:25 AM)
would you like to fertilize some flowers in my flower balcony? *wiggle brows*

Momos Frühling says (5:26 AM)

AW YEAH. SILLY CONVOS AT 5 AM. Why am I awake.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

About that webcomic...

WELL. I started to post it here: @Smackjeeves (which my bro misread as Smackjesus OH LOL BRO)

Here are the first few pages available there (and now here too!)

They're in order! Amazingly! Haha. Recently had some depressing chain of events, but trying hard not to let people in general get to me. Going to grow that backbone now! And stand up for myself. Getting myself pushed around because I'm afraid of hurting someone has to stop. YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT HURTING SOMEONE RIGHT? ...idk. I think I read that in a comic somewhere. (AHAHAHAHAH OH MAN)

GOT ASSASSIN'S CREED 1. I'll play it when I'm not so unfocused. Theres a lot of controls to handle;; I wonder if it's just for the pc version;; Also. Ameruu from Twitter drew me some ZOLU so that actually improved my mood. <3 Link is HERE!

I need to get some damn surface that I can use my mouse PROPERLY on because it moves like a retard over my bedsheets or this cardboard slab I found somewhere in my room. Speaking of room, it needs to be cleaned.

A humorous encounter between my twin bro and my internet tabs via my stupid chat speak.

And...maybe tomorrow I'll have some character sketches for the comic done.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Slowly getting to the list of to-do's

I have this huge untamed beast called a to-do list. It's to the point that I can't contain it within my head soo if I'm supposed to be doing something that you don't think I'm doing (I'M WORKING ON THAT COMMISSION, MILLI, I PROMISE)....maybe drop me a line? Orz''' I need all the help I can get!

Also, I've begun to realize that a lot of people post one or two pieces of art in their posts and it looks so much nicer than sloppy like mine....but heh. Maybe I'll try posting more frequently for a change then.

:( NO POSEMANICS THIS TIME. For shame...I'm also working on a webcomic that I'll withhold from posting its pages here. 8u8

Risa. She's a character belonging to Ingenious Studios and I had to draw her based on their sketch. Was an art test!

A design for a contest Eri has been reminding me about nonstop. Haha. SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG. I kept forgetting. OTL''''

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Well, now that my tablet is finally working (and photoshop stopped crashing every 5 minutes, too) I got SOME DRAW ON. AW YEAH.
Life drawing. MUST. PERSEVERE. Remember to do these exercises more often, self.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Wow, if I were to explain this post, it'd be like this:
It's a very long over due post of arts that I've been piling up for awhile. I wish that they were all awesome pieces of arts tho.
It's an asian man!!! The result is so far off from the reference that I quickly closed out of the link so I can use the excuse: OH SORRY I DONT HAVE THE URL FOR THE REF ANYMORE.

requessttsss...which reminds me. I actually had more requests to do. (just one for VIBE comic that will never come out before 1.11.11 no matter how I WHINE about it)

fanart for an awesome comic my friend is making. It's so awesome. And not gay enough.

HERO BUNNY for a game that will be made. Someday. Eventually.

He was brown once.

The other Hero This was just a color test.

What we decided on to be his final coloring. ' D ' )b I did the bunny stuffs a month ago tho.

If he were a human man with bunny ears...he'd look like this!

More bunnies. From the left to right is Marimo, Tobi, Achii

Silas concept sketch for Dollmaker.


Lizette for Doll Maker

Rin!Naruto. Idek.

Ugh another case of ref gone bad.

A sketch of Ameruu's orange boy!

Abandoned patcholi art.

The second version of Patchouli art that I PROMISE TO FINISH THIS TIME.

ROOOOMMM For the game 05 April 2009

Taffy for Bunny game. <3

Destroyinating your fav characters since 2005.

Random Shota?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Concept Art: Secret Project!

Secret project is a GO~! * U * Her name is Lisette. And she has a story to tell.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Art Post: Doodles + Commissions

35 USD bust/colored/painterly commission by MilliBayley of her awesome character Ari~ <3

Failed Moe art...orzlll NO IT'S NOT A MAN WITH BOOBS OK *CRI*
50 USD Commission by Frazzled-Niya of her character (nameless but called Shiney for now!)

Fifi~ sprite art I did in Graphics Gale

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Commissions: OPEN

Filled the commissions tab with'll probably have to be changed once I gain experience with dealing in this buisness. XDD

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A collab with a friend (Enduro @ DA) of my character and hers~! She did the cute and awesome green hair and the red hair is mine. : D His name is Aros and he's in love with her Zhi~!
Guest art preview for the DMC anthology Project Savior linked on the side! 

Also! I'll be opening commissions soon, so I hope people are interested in that...QQ

Monday, August 9, 2010

Art Post: I'm so sleepy.

So, heres my batch (kinda late from when I promised an update!) I haven't had much time to draw much lately and for that I'm a bit unhappy...but hopefully now that I've got a driver's license it'll be different. And yes there is gay.

I was going for a Souji of P4..but since he looks nothing like him...he's a random doodle < w <;;;

Uhh his name is Innocence.

My first pchat doodle since a looooongg while.

The female heroine of Astral Walker...which will probably not see the light of day for awhile XD;;;

The dude. I admit that I"m not too partial of this design..

Some color options i had for the girl laid out for easy choosing.

a few sketches for a game on bunnies...they're heroic bunnies!
Below this is a slightly gay pic.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Art Post: Doodles/fanart/dungeon hack

Aiden and Asher from Dark Earth (Homosexual fictions available at
Also from Dark Earth, Kyranna, Aiden's father that is unfortunately located within Aiden's mind and gets to know everything.

..........Rathdeiz, my character for Fez that came out looking really ugly so I cut off everything from his shoulder down. lD

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Art: Mixed Bag

Akziriuth (Kiki): Father of Fifi, premium asshole. :)  

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gametalk: Fragile Dreams Vid Post

Opening video:

PF leaves you...;__; I was so sad to see her go...:

My favorite scene so far:

Friday, May 14, 2010

Game Post: Fragile Dreams

; 3 ; The arrrrt and the opening of the game are so prettyyyyy. Freaky noises and little kitties that follow you has definitely improved my mood for now. X'D I'll probably do another 180 later tho. Oh dear....

But so far, the plot is very LETS GO LOOK FOR THAT WHITE HAIR GIRL THAT SANG REALLY REALLY HIGH PITCHED and then fell off the thinger and knocked herself out for a few secs. The little PF thing (personal...uhhh...fairy...not rly) that Seto (the mc) carries has such an attitude though. Making a little girl ghost cry and then getting jealous and worried whether Seto would enjoy the white hair girl's company more. XDDD

It's very interesting how they use the sound on the wii remote to alert you to enemies and other things though. You point, and if it makes a freaky noise, you gonna get raped. ' O '

Saturday, May 8, 2010

008: Doodles 2

I beat up my dudes until they cant see out of one eye when lazy...a doodle in pchat.

Monday, April 12, 2010

007: Doodles 1

Auri Bust Shot: Drawn in OC/ Colored in Sai