Thursday, November 25, 2010


Wow, if I were to explain this post, it'd be like this:
It's a very long over due post of arts that I've been piling up for awhile. I wish that they were all awesome pieces of arts tho.
It's an asian man!!! The result is so far off from the reference that I quickly closed out of the link so I can use the excuse: OH SORRY I DONT HAVE THE URL FOR THE REF ANYMORE.

requessttsss...which reminds me. I actually had more requests to do. (just one for VIBE comic that will never come out before 1.11.11 no matter how I WHINE about it)

fanart for an awesome comic my friend is making. It's so awesome. And not gay enough.

HERO BUNNY for a game that will be made. Someday. Eventually.

He was brown once.

The other Hero This was just a color test.

What we decided on to be his final coloring. ' D ' )b I did the bunny stuffs a month ago tho.

If he were a human man with bunny ears...he'd look like this!

More bunnies. From the left to right is Marimo, Tobi, Achii

Silas concept sketch for Dollmaker.


Lizette for Doll Maker

Rin!Naruto. Idek.

Ugh another case of ref gone bad.

A sketch of Ameruu's orange boy!

Abandoned patcholi art.

The second version of Patchouli art that I PROMISE TO FINISH THIS TIME.

ROOOOMMM For the game 05 April 2009

Taffy for Bunny game. <3

Destroyinating your fav characters since 2005.

Random Shota?