Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A collab with a friend (Enduro @ DA) of my character and hers~! She did the cute and awesome green hair and the red hair is mine. : D His name is Aros and he's in love with her Zhi~!
Guest art preview for the DMC anthology Project Savior linked on the side! 

Also! I'll be opening commissions soon, so I hope people are interested in that...QQ

Monday, August 9, 2010

Art Post: I'm so sleepy.

So, heres my batch (kinda late from when I promised an update!) I haven't had much time to draw much lately and for that I'm a bit unhappy...but hopefully now that I've got a driver's license it'll be different. And yes there is gay.

I was going for a Souji of P4..but since he looks nothing like him...he's a random doodle < w <;;;

Uhh his name is Innocence.

My first pchat doodle since a looooongg while.

The female heroine of Astral Walker...which will probably not see the light of day for awhile XD;;;

The dude. I admit that I"m not too partial of this design..

Some color options i had for the girl laid out for easy choosing.

a few sketches for a game on bunnies...they're heroic bunnies!
Below this is a slightly gay pic.