Monday, March 29, 2010

005: Setanta WIP

Progress has been slow these days. lD Have an incomplete Setanta WIP in the mean time. And no...I'm not actually planning to color the whole thing at the moment. I'll go back to focusing on the design in a bit.

HOPEFULLY will have some progress in a few hours. Ff I'm not sure why I'm so tired honestly. I've gotten a lot of sleep last night....hmm. NAP TIME.

...oh that leg needs fixing. *notes it*

Saturday, March 27, 2010

004: DS Princess Menu WIP

Not toooo sure about the girl's color (or her name actually! haha!) but I'm okay with it so far. I'm so proud of myself for working hard on it's either to bed or read porn. I mean-- read educational illustrated stories meant to excite...or something....*cough* I'm kidding. Bed it is.

Friday, March 26, 2010

003: Observation

You know, based on the number of times I mention Arc, I'm starting to think this blog should be renamed "Letters to Arc" ...ahaha!

Did I mention that I should be asleep? *rolls in the new blog* I ALWAYS LIKE THE NEW SHINY STUFF.

002: Setanta Sketches

Headshot options that I offered Arc earlier (I'm supposed to be asleeepppp) :

Option 1: With Lancer in mind. I think this is the manliest out of the bunch I did this morning...

Eternal Circle

Project Title: Eternal Circle

Description: Arc's visual novel project that I joined up with as a character concept artist.

Summary: Eternal circle is a visual novel set in the fictional world of Lacroa.

Four years ago, A massive wave of energy has struck the City of Ymil that was identified later as the Eternal Circle. A semi-government organization known as the Great Divisions sent the head of the 4th Division to investigate the matter. However, he never returned and all the search parties that was sent met the same fate as well. The same wave of energy appeared again this time at a specific location and not as massive as the past. Growing concerned, the division almost planned to do a massive search for the artifact in hopes they'll find the deceased members as well. But an uneasy feeling has been bothering the head of the 7th Division, Archeia Envagrias and after a contract with the Head of the 1st Division. She sets out with a 2 week deadline to retrieve her senior and investigate the location.

But not all is well, as soon as she stepped on the land she finds herself stuck inside a game with seven participants fighting for the Eternal Circle. What's worst is that she can't seem to get out unless the game is finished. There are three paths depending on your actions. The story is told through the perspective of different characters, using a first person narrative. This game uses ADV and NVL.

Source is

Status: Almost there


  • Rosetta (done)
  • Damien (done)
  • Setanta Raille
  • Shamsir (done)
  • Papa of Rosetta
  • E (1)
  • Joseph
  • Noel (1) + Marionette


Devil May Cry:
  • Nero x Dante: [AU] War breaks out and Nero is pulled into surviving his people, as they put it. He doesn't deal well with killing people and so when he runs into a familiar face, he can't help but take what comfort he can.
  • Nero x Dante: [PWP] Nothing excites the demon within Nero as much as blood does and he's not one to skip out on pleasure where he can receive it. Not even if it's in the middle of the battle zone. It's ok. Dante doesn't mind too much.
  • Nero x Dante: Lately, Dante notices that his room is never the way he left it in the morning. He must investigate via Nero action!

Web Comics

Project title: Thanatos
Team: Me + Neku

Project title: Get that Cyborg off my Lawn!
Team: Me + Neku

Mirror World

Project Title: Mirror World

Description: What would have been a persona fangame except it got too cool and went OC. Of course this also will include BL with straight pairings.

Current Team: Me + Arc

Summary: Alair was born blind and soon after lost both his mother and his ability to walk. Ever since then, he's relied mostly his older brother and distant, yet caring father. His father was an active scholar that enjoyed nothing more than to dig for artifacts; sometimes, a little too much.
They had been secretly digging at a cultural site in a far away country that was doomed for urbanization. The father having found something special, sends Alair away with the item before the government can catch on to where Alair's older brother worked.
Having spent years in home schooling and traveling the world with his father, this was probably the first time Alair had a chance to attend school. This seemed like the start of an ordinary school life but with unexplained disappearances, the plot thickens and school is all but ordinary.

Status: Slowly but surely! (Until after Arc finishes her Lost Seraph remake!)

  • Concept Art: 1%
  • UI: ??%
  • Character Art: 0%
  • BG Art: 0%
  • Sprites: 10%
  • Music: 0%
  • Scripting: 0%

Was previously a project hosted at....foolbuns.

DS Princess

Project Title: DS Princess

Description: Ideally a short project to complete for experience and motivation. Stat rising Otome gameish plot and gameplay.

Current Team: Me + Arc

Summary: MC is an average high school girl on route to her school when she runs into a stranger on the streets. After receiving from him a mysterious Nintendo DS game, she gets sucked into its fantastical world that was in need of saving.

A curse was eating away at the citizens of the world and they all expect MC to be the legendary hero they had been waiting for. Now, the MC has a few ways to deal with this, one of which includes seducing the Demon King...

Status: Working on it!

  • Concept art: 10%
  • UI: 20%
  • Character Sprites: 0%
  • BG Art: 0%
  • Music: 0%
  • Scripting: 0%

ZX Legends

Project title: ZX Legends

Description: A megaman fangame. Mostly focused on plot but will also contain BL (boy's love) because I do like me some BL!

Current Team: Me + Arc

Summary: An AU game based loosely off of Rockman Dash (aka Megaman Legends) using characters from the X, Dash, and Zero series.
Lumine (X8) has funded a race/treasure hunt event with a prize no one is able to ignore. A large sum of money to search for the ancient ruins scattered all over the world and to bring a certain item. Lumine is strangely very vague about this artifact and has leaves the world in a puzzled mess as they all scramble to search for this mystery object.
Zero and his Hunters don't really care for the money, but they wont let anyone else take the glory! What starts out as a simple search leads him into a meeting with destiny.

Status: In development

  • Concept Art: 1%
  • UI: 0%
  • Character Art: 0%
  • BG Art: 0%
  • Sprites: 0%
  • Music: 0%
  • Scripting: 0%

001: Ready, Set...

You know, it's always hard to start something, never imagined that this would extend to starting some blog as well. Ha, wont avoid this opening post no longer!

Honestly, this blog's main purpose is to record my progress on personal projects. I need to push myself in this area and I've always had excuses (bad ones) to why I couldn't do it. The truth is, I was always a.) lazy b.) too critical of my own self and could never say YES I CAN DO IT.

Positive thinking card! ACTIVATE!

Well, this should be interesting...